'Uber for the oceans' could impact marine shipping

A San Francisco start up aims to simplify ocean freight shipping.

A San Francisco start up aims to simplify ocean freight shipping.

A new startup has bold dreams for the future of marine shipping. Flexport Inc., founded by Ryan Petersen, has billed itself as the "Uber for the oceans," and aims to remove much of the frustration associated with freight forwarding, Bloomberg reports. 

As the world's first licensed customs brokerage built around a modern Web application, the company has already raised more than $6 million, including contributions from Google Ventures. Just like the Uber app disrupted the taxi and livery industries, Flexport aims to make shipping goods across international waters as simple as a few taps on a smartphone. 

"Our mission is to bring the world free trade through technology — not free trade in the sense that you don't have to pay taxes or follow regulations, but free trade in the sense of those things happen in the background automatically," Petersen said in an interview. "It's so simple that anyone can do it."

Flexport aims to grant users greater convenience and more opportunities, using an algorithm to connect users with carriers. The app will contain price quotes for multiple shipping options, as well as offer options for variables such as arrival date and choice of port. 

Although the odds stacked against the startup are significant, the attention it has received demonstrates the frustration many businesses encounter in shipping their goods. If your organization has encountered these problems, solutions are available today to help you better manage your resources and eliminate the hassle of inefficient shipping methods. With over two decades of industry experience, Reliable Runners can custom design a solution to address the daily challenges you face every day.